Chaos on Toast

What we do

Using our unique process framework, we take your software application on a journey from legacy to testable. 

We will help you reduce cost and time producing high quality software application releases.

The first step that drives everything is your business objectives for your product.  We look at your plans and the problems you are dealing with, whether your application is having to handle more data than originally expected, or needs to be deployed in the cloud rather than on client sites.  We look at where the pinch points are.

Once we understand what you need from your product, we use carefully selected code-base analysis tools and metrics to identify the priority areas of your application to target first, and put a plan together to help you focus on the right problems first.

We will be happy to get our hands dirty and work with you to help you get your development projects on track, support your project managers and your development teams, and provide any necessary handover for your own staff or future developers on the system.