Free 3 Part Online Course - Technical Debt 101

How much interest are you paying on your technical debt?

Technical Debt costs the industry trillions every year and yet it frequently goes unnoticed, neither measured or managed.

In 2018 the cost of poor quality software in the US was estimated by the Consortium for IT Software Quality at $2.84 Trillion. Within the same report they identified that most IT leaders lack a basis for estimating how their software practices related to quality affect the overall cost of ownership of their software.

Technical Debt is an escalating problem that affects all software products to some extent. If left unmanaged it increases maintenance costs year on year and is a major cause of frustration not just for the developers who have to navigate it every day, but also everyone else in the software company.

  • Sales people who can’t get reliable dates to safely promise new features to customers.

  • Support teams who have to deal with increased bug reports and unhappy customers.

  • Senior management who have to deal with unexpected costs, delayed sales payments and ultimately reduced profits.

In this free introductory course, I cover:

  • What does technical debt mean to your team, your processes and the future of your software?

  • What are the symptoms of technical debt and who are they affecting?

  • 4 key types of technical debt you should consider as part of your technical debt management strategy.

Take action on your technical debt, and join us today.  We’d love to see you in class.

Course Contents

Lesson 1 - What is technical debt

After completing this lecture you will be able to explain what the term technical debt means in the software industry, and how it relates to the performance of your development team.

Lesson 2 - Symptoms of technical debt

In this module we look at the visible symptoms in your company that indicate the presence of technical debt in your software, and how it affects not just the development team but every part of a software company.

Lesson 3 - 4 Types of Technical Debt

In this lesson we are going to look at 4 key types of technical debt, and where it can be found in every software company.

What you will get from this course

You will receive 3 email lessons each with an action point to help you relate it to your specific company.  

Each lesson will be released to you after you complete a short assignment in the previous email.

And it doesn’t stop there, I want you to be successful in decluttering your software and releasing your development teams full potential.  Following this course you’ll receive a regular report of actionable ideas and articles curated from relevant research papers and industry leaders that you can apply to keep your development team moving forwards.