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Chaos On Toast Services

Are you migrating your legacy .Net software to .Net Core?  Do you want to move your software away from old web forms onto MVC?  Do you need to build Web API’s to expose functionality to third party client software or mobile Apps?  These types of projects are our bread and butter and we would be delighted to help you out with them.

We have 20 years of .Net Software Development expertise, covering every version of .Net since it was born.  We provide Contract Software Development services specialising in .NET, Web API’s, MVC, ASP.Net, C#/Vb.Net back end and database development with Entity Framework. 

We operate 100% remotely so we can help you out wherever you are based.  We have found from experience during lockdown that this makes us more efficient than we could ever be working in an open plan office with the call-centre people talking on the phone a few desks away, and stand-up meetings happening in the corner of the office. 

We’d love to help you with your project, so please get in touch.