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Post Contract Support Retainer

Remote ad-hoc support to help you transition after the end of your contract. What is a post contract support retainer? We’ve worked on software projects long enough to know things don’t always go exactly to plan. Delays can occur with testing due to conflicting priorities, so you may not find issues with the modules built […]

Software Developments Dirty Secret

Software Developments Dirty Secret

Free 3 Part Online Course – Technical Debt 101 Software Development’s Dirty Secret The secret problem all software development has but nobody is talking about. Agile There are many companies consulting about Agile Development, and there’s a long standing movement spearheaded by the OMG supporting it. It’s gone well past the early adopters stage and […]

OptIn Technical Debt 101

Free 3 Part Online Course – Technical Debt 101 How much interest are you paying on your technical debt? Technical Debt costs the industry trillions every year and yet it frequently goes unnoticed, neither measured or managed. In 2018 the cost of poor quality software in the US was estimated by the Consortium for IT […]

What we do Clock Face

What we do

Using our unique process framework, we take your software application on a journey from legacy to testable. We will help you reduce cost and time producing high quality software application releases. The first step that drives everything is your business objectives for your product.  We look at your plans and the problems you are dealing […]