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Software Development Consultancy prepared to do what it takes to rescue your legacy software

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Who we are

We are a Birmingham based Business to Business consultancy prepared to do what it takes to rescue your legacy software.

We have over 30 years experience working hands-on with development teams on medium and large scale software products, so we have plenty of experience of the software development process and of how legacy software issues emerge, and how they impact on your business.

We will help you to understand where their pain points are, and work with you to plan and execute a road map to a more maintainable future application that does not put your business on hold and is aligned with your business goals all the way.

What we do

Using our unique process framework, we take your software application on a journey from legacy to testable.

We will help you reduce cost and time producing high quality software application releases

Why it matters

If your software applications are hard to create automated tests for, and your QA team spend a lot of time manually regression testing existing functionality for each release, then its odds on that maintaining your legacy application is costing you more than it should do.

We help you reduce cost and time producing high quality application releases.

You might have been thinking you need a big bang re-architecture project but you know that it will take months or years before you see a product you can sell , or any clear sign of progress, and your customers are crying out for new features while complaining about the performance of your application.

We help you plan continuous improvement development projects including both feature and architectural improvements that can be shipped to your customers regularly.

Your applications have been successful and your existing clients love them, but they are beginning to look dated and clunky alongside your competitors in sales presentations and trade shows.

We help you plan and execute a product face-lift for your software applications, so you can show off a modern, responsive application that new customers will want to buy.


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